Black Marble

Black Marble is very popular for thousands of years with its beauty, style, and elegance. It’s also a very prominent interior design trend with its natural appearance nowadays. As an attractive option for kitchen, bathroom and living room, Black Marble are alive with charming white veining, and will bring any wall or floor space to life! 
Designers prefer to use black marble for flooring no matter it’s residential or commercial project. Using Black Marbles together with especially light colored stones like white marble, beige marble, etc., the products contrast each other in color, so they visualize each other visually and gain a remarkable beauty. In this sense, the use of black marble tile is becoming an important tool when moving the beauty of the building to a higher point. In particular, the intense white vein structure contained in some black marble tiles takes into account the dark color of the ground, whereas the dark color makes the white vein structure attractive.
Stone Encyclopedia are sourcing the most popular black marble all over the world, like Portoro Afghanistan, Portoro Itlay, Versace Gold, Fossil Black and Negro Marquina, Laurent Marquina ect. 

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