Water-jet Medallion

Water-jet medallion is a type of floor medallion. It will be a variety of colors of the stone water jet cutting into a desired shape, and then use the glue made. At present, it is the most luxuriant decoration product of stone decoration. It is common in star hotels, shopping centers, villas, furniture living rooms and restaurants. We have a wide selection of natural stone and a wide selection of natural stone colors, such as marble, granite, agate, jade and artificial stone, which are excellent materials. We have experienced designers and can design awards for different patterns according to the needs of each customer. At the same time, we have high-end equipment. If you are looking for a supplier now, please contact us in time. We will offer you a variety of options. 
Stone Encyclopedia Marble medallions include hand-made ones and water-jet ones. Hand-made marble medallions are mainly used for table tops; while for high-level decorations, especially for hotel lobbies, villa entrance or entrance of big buildings, waterjeted marble medallions.
All designs can be made by computer and operated by the waterjeted CNC machines automatically and accurately according to the computer. The joined gap is very small for waterjeted marble medallion, In correspondence, its processing cost is much higher too. Eastwood Stone Encyclopedia accept special customize design and project.

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